A small bead,Clean the big world —The global condensed beads dream of Justclean

  From washing powder and liquid detergent to today’s laundry gel beads, the world’s washing methods have undergone earth-shaking changes.The laundry gel is an emerging laundry product specially designed for machine washing. The concentrated cleansing power is doubled and the color is preserved. The operation is simple and convenient,and it does not hurt your hands. You only need to gently throw a pod into the water before washing. The beads will dissolve quickly.

  How does this China laundry pods produced by Justclean make it clean and color-protecting?The reason is that the biologically active content of them is higher than 89%, far exceeding the active ingredient content of the peer laundry beads. At the same time, the color-locking and protecting clothing ingredients are added, coupled with the Bio-enzyme catalytic cleansing power, which can quickly remove stubborn stains on clothes while keeping the clothes bright and supple.

  After introducing laundry beads,let’s talk about hand washing beads of “CMK”by Justclean factory.This product is also one of the products that customers are full of praise.First of all, the gentle beads are very convenient to use, just put them into the bottle and fill up with water to fully dissolve them.One bead can flush out a bottle of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.After shaking gently, the foam is fine, and the hands are refreshed and not tight after rinsing.The most important point is that the kind of hand sanitizer is certified by the authority to achieve 99.9% antibacterial and sterilization, strictly guarding the safety of you and your family.It is said that after several PK with the well-known brand of hand-washing “Walch” without losing the wind.

  Before the advent of laundry detergent beads, perhaps no one could have imagined that just a small particle of beads could achieve effects that several cleaning products could not achieve.The Justclean factory, a global production base for beads, has advanced beads production technology and production lines. In the future, it will not forget its original mission and devote itself to let everyone use convenient and environmentally friendly gel beads series products.

Post time: Aug-04-2021
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