Besides long-lasting fragrance, the cleaning power of beads is so strong!

  The long-lasting fragrance beads produced by China Patoast beads factory have a long-lasting fragrance.Every time the scent of the laundry can persist until the next washing, the mothers and aunts around me have all raised questions, this little bead is so fragrant, will it not be able to clean it?

  Actually,the beads produced by China Patoast beads factory which have scent booster fragrance, are only part of the function, and its strongest function is to clean clothes.It is the active ingredient  contained in the beads that exerts the cleaning ability.The active ingredient content in ordinary laundry detergent is only about 15%, while the active ingredient content in the laundry beads produced by  China Patoast beads factory is as high as 89%,plus biological enzymes stimulate active substances.One pod can wash the clothes of the whole family, and the cleaning ability is completely stable compared to the domestic big-name laundry beads.

  The National Housewives Union firmly believes that: “Any cleaning products that require rubber gloves to be used should not be used on family members, and things that can’t be touched by hands should never be used to clean clothes, utensils or even food for family members.In this regard, China Patoast beads factory is doing very well. It strictly implements the 22716 international cosmetics quality management system. It has the production license for erasing font size, makeup font size, and catering detergent. The factory has passed SGS, INTERTEK, FDA, TUV, GMP certification.Imported raw materials used are environmentally friendly and harmless to human body and clothes.

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Post time: Aug-03-2021
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