Choose rich foamy hand sanitizer to easily make children fall in love with washing hand!

  Children have developed senses and tactile sensations since they were young, and like to experience the world through their hands and mouth very much.In addition, the daily contact with toys is very intensive, and it is easy for the bacteria and viruses remaining on the toys to be sent to the mouth and eyes through the contact of small hands, which makes parents hard to prevent.

  Therefore.In daily life, you must properly help your baby wash his hands, so that he can develop good hygiene habits that love to wash his hands.Do a more detailed and professional antibacterial protection work, so as to effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria and reduce the possibility of viruses being imported by hands.At this time when the epidemic situation is still severe, in addition to wearing a mask when going out, it is also important to wash your hands frequently every day.

  But the use of soap will cause cross infection of bacteria, and the child is tired of using hand sanitizer, and every time the child is called to wash his hands, he will run away without a trace.This situation can be perfectly solved by using Bacai OEM rich foam hand washing pods. The rich foam is full of fun and makes children fall in love with washing hand.The preparation work is also very simple. First, take out a small antibacterial hand sanitizer bead and put it into a special bottle, pour in enough water and shake it gently until it dissolves, and a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer is born.

  The reason why Bacai eco-friendly gentle washing hand capsules are able to mildly kill bacteria is because of the addition of a brand-new benzalkonium chloride ingredient.Tested by authoritative institutions, it can effectively inhibit 99.9% of common bacterial infestations. It is the perfect choice for parents to take care of their children safely.


Post time: Sep-11-2021
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