“Illness comes from the mouth”. How to develop good hand washing habits during the epidemic?

  As the saying goes, “Illness comes from the mouth”, but in fact it should be “Illness starts from the hands.”According to research reports, everyone’s hands carry an average of 10 million bacteria, plus daily contact with handrails, door handles, elevators and other places where there are many bacteria.If there is a baby in the house, the child can rub his eyes and wipe his mouth after touching them, then the bacteria will enter the body and make the child sick.This problem can be solved directly by China hand washing beads of CMK.


  Why do you say it’s hand washing beads instead of recommending the soap used at home?Hand soap is generally alkaline, and human skin is weakly alkaline. Excessive use of soap can damage the skin, causing dryness and even dandruff. Although the price is cheap, hand soap is exposed to the air for a long time and is not easy to store in water.Furthermore,one of the biggest disadvantages of hand soap is that it is not suitable for multiple people to use together. The bacteria on the soap will cross-infect each other and cause illness.

  However the emergence of gentle and non-irritating CMK hand washing beads  avoid the defect of hand soap,concentrated hand wash beads contains aloe essence.The pH value is weakly alkaline, it cares for the skin and does not hurt your hands,and contains the uniquely developed bactericidal ingredients of CMK, which fully eliminates bacteria and inhibits bacteria.When using it, just put the hand-washing gel beads into a special bottle, add plenty of water and gently shake and leave it for a few minutes until it is fully integrated. It cleans your hands while being gentle and moisturizing, and cares for the safety of you and your family.


Post time: Aug-04-2021
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