Soaking feet in cold weather has many benefits, but remember not to soak with your baby!

  In September, the weather gradually become cold, and the old people said that the cold entered the human body from the feet.So at this time, many people choose to soak their feet to keep away the cold.Soak your feet with hot water, which relieves fatigue and helps you sleep.At the same time, adding some Chinese medicine in the water will be more beneficial to the human body.Many parents think that giving your baby a hot foot bath will help strengthen your baby’s resistance. That is really wrong!

  Hot water is often used to wash or scald the feet of children. The plantar ligaments will become loose when exposed to heat, which is unfavorable for the development and maintenance of the arch.The arch of the foot is underdeveloped, and the exercise capacity of the baby with flat feet will be limited.When the baby learns to stand and walk, the defects of this ability will become increasingly prominent.They are more fatigued than other babies during walking and standing, and their calves are prone to soreness and swelling. In severe cases, they may also feel uncomfortable in the knee joints and waist.Therefore, the walking posture is unstable and the feet tend to become soft after exercising. So it is not recommended to frequently soak your children’s feet in hot water.

  However,soaking the feet can be said to be a lot of benefits for adults with fully developed feet.Using Patoast China OEM foot massage beads to soak your feet, which has the function of expelling cold and activating the collateral.It will have great benefits for human health.There are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Soaking your feet regularly has a health effect.It can also prevent high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, which is very useful for patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Using Patoast sterilization soothe nerves foot soaking pods to soak feet can also relieve emotions and reduce stress, which is beneficial to patients with high work pressure.The bead contains acanthopanax senticosus and twelve kinds of compound essential oils, which have multiple functions such as emollient, refreshing, and peaceful sleep. Combined with hot water soaking, it can relieve sleepiness and fatigue, moisturize the skin, and maintain a youthful state.


Post time: Sep-08-2021
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